About Us

Nestled in the Willamette Valley of the Northwest, we have been breeding, showing and handling American Eskimo Dogs, commonly referred to as Eskies, since 1985. We are officers of the American Eskimo Dog Association of Oregon (AEDAO), members of the National American Eskimo Dog Association (NAEDA), and the American Eskimo Dog Club of America (AEDCA).

We take pride in our successful breeding of dual registered UKC and AKC standard size, show and companion Eskies. Each new home is carefully critiqued, and the puppy temperament tested, to determine the "type" of home for which they would be best suited. (i.e. conformation, obedience, agility, or companion). Our dogs are not just for show - they are also our best friends and companions when we go camping, boating and fishing!

As hobby breeders, our Eskies are bred with the prospective new home in mind. We plan carefully for the best temperament, healthiest and most centered pups possible. All pups are born in our home, and never even see a kennel. Adults are DNA registered, micro-chipped, and tested for hip dysplasia and PRA. Please visit American Eskimo Health Concerns at http://health.americaneskimo.org for more information.

If you are looking for an outstanding pet, or an awesome show dog, you can't go wrong. Our puppies come with a  guarantee of love and health. We offer as much support as we can to help our puppies adjust to their new homes.

"Why buy from a reputable breeder?" Through the miracle of genetics the magic of the purebred lies in its DNA. It has been selectively bred over time to preserve those genes from great dogs who came before. It is that selective breeding that has produced a miracle of sorts. It has produced a kind of eternal life that a test cannot give. As the great icon, Doberman breeder, and judge Peggy Adamson once wrote concerning breeders and pure bred dogs... "We remember the people with great veneration but the dogs are revived in each new generation. Through the efforts of breeders, dogs are luckier than men, for they will come back to us time again."  This is the gift of the dedicated breeder. This is the gift given to us only through a test called time. Yes, all dogs die but some will actually return if we let them. And this is the gift of the purebred dog.

If you are interested in obtaining one of our pups, please complete the puppy referrel form. We require a deposit and are willing to ship pups to approved homes.